Guidelines for organizing a multilingual conference (in German) can be found HERE.

Recommendations for European Work Councils (in German) can be found HERE.



SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING is usual for international conferences and conventions and is the only possibility when interpreting into multiple languages. An interpreting booth for each language with adequate sound equipment is needed. But just as important is teamwork. Two interpreters work in the booth and alternate approximately every 20 minutes. 

In CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING, the interpreter begins once the speaker has finished. Thanks to their schooled memory and special notation techniques professional interpreters can deliver even long text passages without losing any details. Consecutive interpreting requieres twice the speaking time, and speakers can be interpreted into one language only. 

WHISPER INTERPRETING, where the interpreter whispers into the listener’s ears, is possible for up to three people. With a “bidule” (whisper box) this can be increased to 20 listeners maximum. The speakers can be interpreted into only one language,  and as with simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters alternate.

TRANSLATING - Translators don`t work out in the open, we work behind the scenes to help get your message across. The most important tool for us, therefore, is the computer. Diccionaries, encyclopedias, field specific materials, CD-ROMs, online databases and the Internet serve as daily information sources. Remaining translation puzzles are solved by contacting field experts.

We offer PROOFREADING AND EDITING of speeches, presentations, technical material and other documents in German, Czech and English by expert native speakers.